What style of yoga is “Sweat Flow”?


Are the classes heated?


What do I bring to class?


Do you provide mats?


Do you have beginner classes?


I am an absolute beginner, what class do you suggest and will I be able to keep up?


Our Sweat Flow classes are Vinyasa-style yoga. We seamlessly flow you through various types of poses from warm-up to savasana (our very last pose), all the while having you breathe better.


Our Sweat Flow classes are warmed to 75-85° degrees. Our Relax & Restore and meditation classes are non-heated.


Since mats, props, and towels are all provided, you only have to bring your good self and a change of comfortable clothing.


Yes! Mats are provided at no additional cost.


While we don’t have specific beginner classes, our Sweat Flow classes are accommodating to all levels. I pace the class based on how everyone is flowing that day and offer variations and modifications to poses if there are varying levels in the room.


Our Relax & Restore class is part meditation and includes stretches done mainly sitting or laying down, so if you’re looking for more movement, our Sweat Flow class is perfect and is our most popular class.

In general, if you are of moderate athletic ability, our Sweat Flow classes will be of no problem to you. If you are an absolute beginner, let me know at the beginning of class and I’ll make an effort to give you a little more attention and adjustments. I also tend to demo more if I see that anyone is lost or confused.

Do you offer privates?


I’m not very flexible or have diminished mobility and strength, is yoga right for me?

Do you have a place to change and showers?


Yes! Privates are a wonderful option if you are a beginner and feel uncomfortable jumping straight into group classes or want more personalized attention, instructions, and adjustments. Privates are also great for those who would like to advance their practices faster or prefer times outside the group class schedule.

Yes! Yoga actually increases your flexibility, mobility, and strength!


We have a changing area and a bathroom. At this time we do not have showers.

Are you on ClassPass?


What is your cancellation and refund policy?


Do you accept insurance?


To keep our classes more intimate and the quality higher, we have decided not to put our classes on ClassPass.


Group classes and individual private sessions have a 24-hour cancellation policy unless you have a membership. Corporate classes and events, as well as private group sessions have a 7-day cancellation policy. All purchases are non-refundable.


While we don’t accept insurance directly, many companies today have spending dollars (i.e. “Wellness Bucks”) specially dedicated to wellness activities as part of their healthcare plans or offerings. Check with your HR today and don’t hesitate to ask for any receipts for reimbursement.