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Don’t like the idea of a group class?

Have specific goals or concerns?

New to yoga and don’t know where to start?

Prefer in-depth one-on-one attention and personalized assists & adjustments?

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What to expect

Sessions are based on your schedule and availability.

Each session is uniquely tailored to your goals, your concerns, and your body.

Everyone is different; no two bodies are exactly the same and no two bodies flow the same. Our sessions take into consideration your experience level and how your body moves and any limitations. We’ll take the time to discuss your specific goals or concerns and come up with a plan uniquely tailored to you.

Non-judgement environment.

Individual Private Rates*

60 Minutes
Single Session: $240
5-Pack: $1,125 10-Pack: $2,000 20-Pack: $3,700 30-Pack: $5,100 40-Pack: $6,200 50-Pack: $7,000

75 Minutes
Single Session: $285 5-Pack: $1,325 10-Pack: $2,450 20-Pack: $4,500 30-Pack: $6,150 40-Pack: $7,400 50-Pack: $8,250

Contact us for more sessions or if you’d like to add someone to your session.

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In my over 20 years of practice I have not experienced a finer instructor.

“Atthena is an extraordinarily empathetic and skilled yoga teacher. Her hands on approach and attention to  proper alignment have done wonders for my back issues.  In addition to their physical benefits, our sessions have been true oases of serenity in the bustle of New York life.”

— Harry Feder

Atthena is a truly gifted instructor.

“Her kind and caring demeanor is very comforting and you immediately feel a sense of trust. Atthena is a true professional, and I have received solid results from her including great strength, tone and flexibility. I walk away from every session with a feeling of relaxation and calmness. I look forward to our weekly yoga sessions, and I highly recommend Atthena to anyone who is looking for peace of mind and improved physical strength.”

— Elizabeth Koraca

Right off the bat I felt comfortable and at ease, as it was very clear that I was in good hands.

“Atthena’s style of teaching is highly adaptive and she has seamlessly transitioned our lessons depending on my comfort level. Atthena has an infinite amount of energy and her love of yoga is truly infectious. In a very short amount of time working with her, I have made great strides towards my fitness goals of improving flexibility, strengthening my core, and generally getting a fantastic morning workout that sets a positive tone for the rest of the day.”

— Michael Beregovsky



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